About Us

20+ Years in Operation. Fully Insured for every job.

My main objective while in your home or on your property is to make sure you feel comfortable and confident throughout the project.
This starts with communication.
Many in the trade struggle with communication. This gets reflected in the price and the overall flow of the project. I communicate via phone, text and email to accommodate your style.
I pride myself in communicating thoroughly before, during and after the job.
There are many needs, desires and wants that a customer has and it is important to be on the same page to provide a superior experience.
Step 1:
This starts with the estimation of the project. Upon meeting you we will walk through your projects and thoroughly discuss your interest. These include colors, accents, shein, what does and does not get painted. We will also go over previous flaws in the drywall and trim that need to be addressed as well as any other questions you may have about your home or my procedures.
After the estimation I will promptly email you a quote within a 24-48 hours.
Step 2:
If you then decide to used Tri-State paint as your contractor and would like to be put on the schedule, we would then discuss which dates work best for you.
Leading up to the project I will start to communicate certain specifics about my procedures and give you an opportunity to ask questions. Some of these variables may be; where to start painting in your home, where to set up the work space, and any other questions you may have.
During the project it's important to me that you feel comfortable expressing how things are going. I will often ask you how things are looking, and if you have any questions.
Tri-State paint has been in business for 20+ years and is fully insured. I pride myself in being on time, honest and being able to provide an all-around enjoyable experience. My business model depends on this.
Thanks for your time! I look forward to working with you.